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Horoscopes by Tracy Allen AQUARIUS January 20ebruary 18 Your spontaneous playful side is reinvigorated this week with lucky Jupiter direct turn in your joy sector And with social Venus entering your sign to join the lively sun there youe able to draw people to you now like a moth to a flame Although youe likely to attract what you desire at this time you get a stark reminder of your limitations when the sun bumps into stern Saturn in your career angle Having to answer to a higher authority could easily dampen your spirit but don let it Take your ego out of the equation for a moment and look at this as a test of strength that youe capable of passing with flying colors Tackling work responsibilities and your financial situation will give you a feeling of potency PISCES February 19arch 20 With the energygiving sun in your rest zone youe probably feeling tired or at least inclined to introspection and seclusion And when the sun encounters chilly Saturn in your philosophy sector it may be difficult to maintain a positive attitude especially about future plans travel and education But Mars fires up your sleepy replica belts belts price replica sign this week encouraging you to assert yourself and to try to be relatively productive despite your need for downtime Mars will help you to see that you can have a powerful impact on your environment when you muster the courage to take charge His gift is action and Pisces often tends toward passivity particularly when you doubt yourself or when your energy turns inward But you can overcome selfdoubt and introversion by pushing yourself to take the initiative ARIES March 21pril 19 You may find large gatherings and solitude more comfortable this week than oneonone time with a partner or friend The enthused sun in your groups sector is having a disagreement with solemn Saturn in your intimacy zone while onthego Mars slows his roll in your seclusion angle Ease up and work quietly behind the scenes instead of pushing for external results Keep an eye on your own unconscious actions and if you feel like confronting anyone confront yourself This is a good replica belts belts time to look at any repressed anger and aggression and to work through them in a way that soothes your spirit If you have access to warm water and the idea appeals to you swimming laps would be an ideal activity combining the physicality of Mars with the water theme and meditative quality of your seclusion angle No pool No worries Anything healthy that puts you in an altered state will do TAURUS April 20ay 20 When the egodriven sun in your goals angle quarrels with taskmaster Saturn in your relationship house this week it might feel like someone is blocking your career progress or as if your ambition is being tested by him or her Your ruling planet Venus glides into your goals angle soon after to join the sun there boosting your allure with higherups Professional recognition and public acclaim are possible now especially if you don shy away from the spotlight With justdoit Mars moving into your humanity sector this week as well it a good time for networking joining group efforts and pursuing philanthropy Even if another person seems to be judging you or holding you back don let that stop you from shining GEMINI May 21une 20 Jupiter has been in your sign for the past eight months the latter half of that time traveling retrograde This week the largest planet in our solar system turns direct in preparation for its remaining five months in Gemini As Jupiter gets back up to speed you may feel your anticipation building for a new period of growth in your life Since October youe toned down your grandiose plans and modified your expansion Now it time to ask yourself what you deferred or conceded during the retrograde and to note the more mature vision forming in its place Whatever you put on hold will start to reemerge with a new twist Take in the big picture and let your excitement about the future begin to propel you forward again perhaps in a somewhat different direction CANCER June 21uly 22 This week reveals both the dark and the light side of love as the luminous sun in your intimacy house clashes with forbidding Saturn in your joy zone The fun and spontaneity of romance may feel stymied and at odds with the more complicated aspects of a relationship such as trust and sharing If romance doesn ring a bell this could just as easily concern your creativity selfexpression or children Venus slides into your hiddenmatters sector now suggesting that your love happiness and artistic process can come from an even deeper truer place Open yourself up to the complexities of your own psyche Let the dark and the light meld and inform each other LEO July 23ugust 22 Your ruling planet the lifegiving sun is traveling through your relationship house and this week it runs into roadblock Saturn who been hanging out in your foundation angle This conflict may show you that something between you and a significant person in your life isn working It might be that your feelings are stopped up the relationship isn giving you what you need or it in limbo You may feel uprooted emotionally and unsettled by this situation and your investment in other people could bring up some insecurity within you Amicable Venus shows up in your relationship house this week also guiding you to best replica replica belts belts consider compromise Assertive Mars in your sharing replica fendi scarf handbags sector portends the need to make a choice to fully merge with another person and trust themr not VIRGO August 23eptember 22 It difficult to settle on an outlook about work this week as optimistic Jupiter turns direct in your career angle while the sun in your job zone faces a challenge from pessimistic Saturn in your cognition house Venus helps to break the tie by cruising into your colleagues sector opening up the possibility that youl attract the help and favor of coworkers Examine your mindset especially as it relates to your career and try to determine if selfdoubt is limiting you It important to distinguish between pragmatism and cynicism In an effort to see your life through the lens of practicality have you failed to give yourself enough credit What will happen if you widen the scope of what you think you can accomplish Active Mars in your others angle encourages you to work in partnership with people now Collaboration may permit your view of what doable to evolve LIBRA September 23ctober 22 The sun and Venus in your fun sector make leisuretime activities romance and creativity extra appealing now Though youe geared up for fun the sun runin with withholding Saturn in your resources house this week hints that shaky selfesteem could undermine love or artistic pursuits while a lack of funds might curtail your playtime Active Mars in your duties zone piles on the work and other responsibilities it best to take care of business in order to feel on top of things But remain open to love play and your artistic muse because they will find you Hopeful Jupiter direct motion in your adventure house should help you to believe that there are plenty of good times on the horizon SCORPIO October 23ovember 21 Ever since Jupiter went retrograde in your deepsharing zone in October youe been withdrawing trust and intimacy even thoughnd moreover becauseloseness is so paramount to you But Jupiter turns direct this week prodding you to navigate the intricacies of relationship for the sake of your own growth It not easy to take that leap with Saturn in Scorpio emphasizing the need for firm boundaries Emotional security is a real issue with you now Set boundaries for the purposes of continuing to define your identity maybe particularly now in contrast to your childhood and your family This process is likely to trigger existential loneliness but Mars entering your heart sector signals movement in the area of romance creativity and play Put the stronger new you out there and express it Your boundaries should be permeable enough to let love and happiness in SAGITTARIUS November 22ecember 21 Your ruling planet Jupiter represents expansion and liberation and it been visiting your others angle since last June In October Jupiter went retrograde a phase that ends this week when it resumes direct motion On a symbolic level this signifies a relationship moving forward and continuing replica belts belts reviews to grow or freeing yourself from a relationship that has stagnated Jupiter turning direct could make you feel a bit manic or impatient because your dormant faith in the future is coming back to life During the last four months you were forced to adjust your expectations of others and by now theye taken on a more realistic form Being in touch with people and getting stuff done around the house will keep your momentum going and rebuild your natural enthusiasm CAPRICORN December 22anuary 19 Glasshalfempty Capricorns could always use a bit of good news and this week delivers a morsel for you to relish Growthoriented Jupiter goes direct in your job sector helping to restore your belief in what you do every daynd what you can do in the future While Jupiter was retrograde the last four months the expansion of your duties became stalled and the freedom that you began to crave in your work seemed out of reach During this slower period you may have reverted to risk aversion and internal moralizingven to the point of questioning the judiciousness of how to use replica belts belts learning new skills and liberating yourself from your old routine Just as the god Jupiter forced Saturn your ruler to regurgitate his swallowed offspring so must you stop stifling your own abilities Email tracytracyallenastrology com and mention Free People to get 25 off your first reading Top image by Fredrik kum Read more horoscopes Tags astrology horoscopes star signs tracy allen weekly horoscope zodiac signs