Replica Sweater Watches multi tasking machine

I ll keep this short as I ve written 3 reviews on This watch is fantastic User replaceable battery sunrise sunset times for many locations altimeter barometer compass thermometer two time zones stop watch and countdown timer Also a storm alarm and backlight This thing is spot on accurate underwater with temperatures and I almost forgot its quite accurate depth meter Not a professional diving watch wholesale replica sweater watches but anything above 30 meters and you are golden buy replica sweater watches No better watch for the money this thing does it all SUPER WELL If cheap replica sweater watches wholesale you love the outdoors replica stone island men t-shirt t-shirt men watches all this is the wristpiece for you Also its seen 140 degrees in Arizona on accident in the sun and its never had replica sweater watches a problem Update July 26 2011 This thing is a POWER HOG replica sweater watches replicas I ve gone thru three or so batteries in owning it for about 2 years thank God it has a user replaceable battery It only takes a nickel or coin of similar size to open and close the battery cover while RETAINING it s watertight seal I must attest this thing is very comfortable and LARGE The silicon or rubber strap that comes on it is supple strong light and very comfy If you want a watch that does it all this is it plus it comes in many handsome styles I currently own the all black military edition but I would not mind the all black with a hint of red or orange that d be SEXY Anyways enjoy this watch it will keep you on track literally Oh and if you go camping or whatever just bring an extra 2032 lithium watch battery just in case Hope you enjoy this wristop computer